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i'm an explorer by heart, an artist by eye, and a creator by mind.


My name is Teresa Liu and I am currently studying Computer Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, CA.

I'm an aspiring software engineer with a love for design and music. I love going to hackathons and working on projects and I play the trumpet in the USC Trojan Marching Band.

I will be a Horizons Fellow during the summer of 2017 and I am currently researching augmented reality in the USC Realization of Robotic Systems Laboratory.

I am open to any inquiries, opportunities, or requests to simply chat about anything!


C++, HTML/CSS, Javascript, Java, Web development


Adobe Illustrator, Github, XCode

about me


spark sc

Board Member

SparkSC is USC's innovation and entrepreneurship organization on campus. I handle marketing for our new intiative, TechLA Fellows, and I help out on SparkXM, our podcast as well.

usc acm

logistics officer

I manage all meeting and e-board documentation, as well as handling room bookings. With the other officers, we plan professional and social events as USC's premier computer science organization.


team developer

Scope aims to develop a community amongst USC's computer scientists through developing and teaching technical skills to a select group of students. We are currently learning React.js, so look out for future projects showcasing this framework.



trojanhacks 2016

Winner: Best Visual Hack

Our team created a chrome extension prevents users from wasting time on recreational websites during a set study period. I designed the UIUX of the extension and programmed the front-end aspects for a simple-to-use interface.


SBHacks 2017

Winner: Organizer's choice

We made a web app that could turn large bodies of text, say an essay, into a sleek presentation slide within the click of a button. I developed the back-end, utilizing Google's language processing API to turn text into bullet points, and I helped design the front-end as well.


SB Hacks 2017

Winner: 2nd place overall

Winner: mlh #hackharassment

Our team tackled the #hackharassment challenge and made a chrome extension that hides hateful comments notoriously found on YouTube videos. I developed the front-end for this extension, mainly consisting of the pop-up window, and I designed the assets using Adobe Illustrator.

hello mundo

Hackpoly 2017

Our lastest hack was a web app that used tracking.js and Google's language API to generate speech bubble's next to one's face using voice and face detection, translate that text, and log it into a sidebar. My role was the front-end developer, and I designed the intro page and the sidebar.


calhacks 2016

Our iOS app aimed to encourage exercise. This running app plays music during a job with a twist. It plays the user's favorite music, but only when the runner is running at their goal pace. If below pace, it plays the user's hated music. I mapped the UIUX of the app on XCode and developed some front-end aspects using Swift.


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