A Chrome extension that fights online harassment found commonly within the YouTube comment section. HackTube monitors the YouTube comment section by finding racist, homophobic, and sexist words and automatically flagging comments containing those words by editing the source code of the webpage. With our extension enabled, Users are always left with a comment section free of hate and malicious words. It is a simple Chrome extension that makes YouTube a safer environment for users.

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Created at SBHacks 2017 at UC Santa Barbara: Winner of 2nd Place Overall and MLH’s Hack Harassment challenge

Github: See the repository

Devpost: Read more about our project here


YouTube is a place for millions of people to share their voices and engage with their communities. Unfortunately, the YouTube comments section is notorious for enabling anonymous users to post hateful and derogatory messages with the click of a button. These messages are purely meant to cause anger and depression without ever providing any constructive criticism. For YouTubers, this means seeing the degrading and mentally-harmful comments on their content, and for the YouTube community, this means reading negative and offensive comments on their favorite videos. As young adults who consume this online content, we feel as though it is necessary to have a tool that combats these comments to make YouTube a safer place.


  1. Clone or download this repository into a folder
  2. Go to chrome://extensions/
  3. Check the box “Developer mode”
  4. Click “Load unpacked extension..” and select the folder
  5. Run the extension and go on any YouTube video

Built With

  • Javascript