ct makes it easy for students and teachers to generate content on a specific topic in presentation form This website generates images for each slide based on its title, and converts essays, paragraphs, and sentences to bullet format. Once the slide title and text are pasted into the box, a slide appears; at the top is the title. On the left, four relevant images appear (all of which can be copied and pasted to the student’s choice of presentation software). On the right, bullet points with relevant words are shown; each bullet point corresponds with a sentence from the text, so the longer the text, the more bullets will be generated.


Created at HackUCI on January 15, 2017: Winner of HackUCI Organizers’ Choice Award Devpost: Read more about our project here


Presentations are ubiquitous in modern education; both students and teachers are required on a regular basis to read through large amounts of text and make slides that summarizes this information. This type of reading and synthesizing information takes a lot of time, and is inefficient because presentations are not supposed to contain irrelevant or less important details. We wanted to help students and teachers out by giving them a tool to generate succinct, to-the-point slides based on any chunk of text.


Built With

  • Javascript
  • PHP
  • Bootstrap
  • jQuery
  • Google Cloud Natural Language API
  • Flickr Photosearch API