Teresa Liu

Hey there! I’m Teresa, and I love working on big problems. I’m currently a climate fellow with the 776 Foundation, exploring startup ideas in the realm of achieving 0.5GT/yr GHG reductions.

Prior to this, I was a product manager at Lyft. I used to code lot during university as a computer science major, going overboard at 15+ hackathons, coding for non-profits, and even spending my first summer at a full-stack coding bootcamp. I've had the wonderful opportunities to work at Facebook internet.org, Google Maps as an APM intern, and Nextdoor as a KPCB Fellow.

Nowadays, I’ve been deep diving into many climate issues for my fellowship. Outside of that, I read books and I surf. I consider myself to be both deeply curious about how the world works and how to meaningfully affect change, while also exploring my own creative expression and authenticity.

If you want to say hello, reach me at teresaliu20@gmail.com.